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Content Marketing Checklist
Today, let me introduce you to Content Marketing and how it relates to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As a business, you strive to provide the best products, services, and experience to your customers. Marketing proves to be a powerful communication tool letting you to gather greater knowledge about your customers
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Services at your fingertips
Mobile devices and especially your phone have become smarter and omnipresent in your daily life. How does its responsiveness extend traditional SEO? Think of 3 things you are always carrying with you. I guess that 90% of you have thought of wallet, keys and phone. Your phone is not only
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Search Engine Optimization
Today we are starting a journey exploring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its ever growing evolution. As a business, you are offering products and services to address the needs and wants of your customers. As an individual, you have a passion for an activity or topic and enjoy talking about it
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Meet Guillaume Bekaert, our software engineer intern.
As part of our “Get to Know Us” series, we’ll have a short Q&A with each team member so you can get to the people within Raving Software better. This week, you’ll get to know a little about Guillaume Bekaert. Q: WHAT IS YOUR ROLE AT RAVING SOFTWARE? A: I
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Raving Software installs SSL certificates

October 11, 2018

Need a valid SSL Certificate?

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Does your business still use an old Symantec HTTPS certificate (pre-June 2016)?  If so, Raving Software can help you upgrade to a new SSL before the upcoming Chrome security update.  You can read all about the Chrome security update here. Contact us today to find out how you can receive a free
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