Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Michael Jordan

President / CEO / Jack Of All Trades

Barb Heinlein

In early 2017, Barb Heinlein and her husband, Bruce, started Logiciel Technologies, LLC, Raving Software’s holding company. Barb channeled her life-long software experience and passion for coding into a full-service software company. She is devoted to delivering superior service and powerful IT solutions through a combination of cutting-edge website design, e-commerce solutions, internet marketing, graphics design, website hosting, and much more.

Barb Heinlein, President & CEO of Raving Software

Vice President / Chief Humorist

Bruce Heinlein

Bruce provides executive oversight to Raving Software. Previously as a Defense Acquisition Professional in Program Management, he oversaw operations requirements and acquisition support to numerous Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and Air Force programs, including establishing intelligence-related requirements for the ABCCC III program, GeoScout, and a host of software programs serving operational and intelligence needs.  He also managed facility construction for the US Government at a key military site in Afghanistan, ensuring US military needs were met while balancing threats to production, including attacks on critical supply convoys.

Bruce Heinlein

We Are Proud of Our Interns

Front End Web Developer Intern

Allison Lee

Raving Software proudly sponsors Allison through Severna Park High School’s Internship program as part of Raving Software’s STEM mentorship and outreach program. Allison was a Front End Web Developer Intern at Raving Software during Summer 2019.

During this time, she has learned HTML and CSS to code web pages. She is learning how to build websites using WordPress under the guidance of her mentor, Barb Heinlein.

Allison is a fast learner, very detail-oriented and is eager to learn more about coding and developing websites. Allison is currently a senior at Severna Park High School and has taken many rigorous courses, including learning the principles of computer science. She plans on pursuing computer science in the future.

Front-end Web Developer Intern

Sydney Mudd

Raving Software proudly sponsors Sydney as part of Raving Software’s STEM mentorship and outreach program. Sydney was a Front End Web Developer Intern at Raving Software during Summer 2019.

Sydney is currently a junior at Severna Park High School.  She is interested in learning more about careers in the STEM field along with learning the process of developing websites through languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  Sydney is self-driven and motivated to use her creativity in her work and in her learning.  At school, Sydney is very hardworking and takes many honors and advanced placement (AP) level classes along with clubs related to STEM, including Women in Engineering and Future Doctors.

Sydney Mudd

Software Engineer Intern / STEM Dad

Guillaume Bekaert

Guillaume was a Software Engineer intern at Raving Software from January 2019 to April 2019.  During this time, he developed and updated web pages in WordPress using HTML, CSS and javascript on a daily basis.  He also provided security reviews and awareness related to WordPress ecosystem (themes, plug-ins, and hosting-related).  He is problem-solving and result-oriented and is excellent at designing solutions to fit the requirement.  Guillaume is well-organized and keeps detailed notes on his activities.

Previously, Guillaume worked as a Cyber Security Engineer for a Public Healthcare Insurance Organization where he wore different hats (Technical Architecture, Project Manager, Security Compliance).  He was in charge of the Identity and Access Management systems that provided access to the Information System.  In addition, he was accompanying project managers (internal and contractors) to help them with security requirements/documentations in terms of regulation and compliance.

Guillaume picture

Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

Mattie Stepanek

We are a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

At Raving Software, delivering superior service & products to our clients combined with consistently exceptional service is the essence of our mission.